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Football Manager 2013 – PCMAC:

Dust off your suit, prepare your best post-match clichés and get ready for some fallout with a nefarious agent or two, because youre about to be flung back into the cut-and-thrust world of football management. The most successful series of football manager sims is looming on the horizon, ready to leave an array of broken relationships and destroyed social lives in its wake. While you may well be well into the second half of the 2026 season with Hereford United, having taken them from League Two to the upper echelons of the Champions League in last years game, the simple fact is youre going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade to Football Manager 2013 at some point.

After promising the best game weve ever made and a genre-defining experience, the team at Sports Interactive certainly had a lot to live up to heading into this release. FM2012 wasnt a revolution, it leaned towards improving already existing elements and perhaps sought to solidify its position as the number game in the genre, which it undoubtedly is. Nothing else even comes close. The question is: has the developer been tinkering with a formula that really doesnt need tinkering with? And more importantly, are the changes substantial enough to warrant a new purchase? After all, no-one really wants to shell out for a completely new game with minimal changes that could have been covered by simply downloading an update, and while FM2012 didnt quite commit that sin, it certainly didnt reinvent the wheel. Combined with the new arrangement of icons and navigational options — is a breath of fresh air and genuinely does give the impression of a whole new game. Of course, this all takes a little getting used to, but I wouldnt want to fall into the lazy trap of suggesting that any change is a bad thing just because I liked the last game so much. This is all progress, and more importantly its progress that doesnt just see a steady increase in complexity in the game for the sake of it.

In the full game there are still issues of repetition though, as the spectre of meetings rears its head again. Press conferences before and after each game; meetings with agents for transfers; meetings with players about their general mindset / wellbeing and meetings with your staff about having more meetings with your players. More meetings than Tiger Woods going speed dating.

Yes, you can send your assistant (who now also gets more involved on match days offering his manager advice throughout the game: who to close down, how to change formation to better suit the opponent etc) to these press conferences and ask your Director of Football to take care of some of the other responsibilities (another new feature which works quite well should you wish to keep your tracksuit on at all times), and the good news is this wont affect your chances of securing other gainful employ in the future. The type of manager you are is clearly displayed on your information page, but its little more than window dressing. When it comes to applying for that big international job, youre judged on your results as all managers should be.

Football Manager 2013 – Full Download – PCMAC + Crack – FULL
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Football Manager 2013 – Full Download – PCMAC + Crack – FULL

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